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Creating and organizing the many visual supports used with students can at times be a daunting task. Tabi Jones-Wohleber however has created an All-in-one-Visual-Support Tool that helps to organize a variety of visuals compactly into a small 5”x8.5” binder. This nifty tool includes a First/Then board, a Personal Picture Schedule, and a Task Analysis Checklist, with a Finished Pocket on the front cover.  Each of these is easily available by flipping or opening the folded board, which is adhered to the Finished Pocket.  A Token Reward board is on the back cover. The picture symbols and tokens for all these tools are housed inside the binder on plastic tabbed dividers. The directions, complete with visual step by step directions for the All-in-One-Visual-Support-Tool can be found on the PrAACtical AAC website under the PrAACtical Thinking tab.

Accessible Coffee Making

Independence is the goal for everyone as we move into adulthood.  Here is a podcast for those who are blind who would like to make coffee for themselves without the help of others.  It is recommended that you listen to this podcast with headphones to have the full experience!  Let us know if this works for you! Enjoy your coffee!

Epic Win

I discovered this app last week while doing some searching for an app to help a middle school student who was having difficulty completing tasks and interacting with peers.  Using a game format, the student can earn coins when selected activities are completed.  Coins can unlock new levels of the game and the user can earn new tokens.  This app just might work for those teenage boys who love to play virtual games.  Here are a few screen shots.

2014-02-19 15.10.35 2014-02-19 15.10.43 2014-02-19 15.10.59

New App for Self-Determination

The Virginia Department of Education’s I’m Determined project has just announced the release of a new FREE app to help students set goals.  Teachers and parents can work with students to develop goals to work towards using this app.  Updates can be made as students reach each step toward their ultimate goal.

Go to the homepage of and look under “Recent News” to find the link to iTunes.

Families as AT Advocates

The Family Center for Technology and Disabilities offers great resources to help families learn about AT, identify AT solutions for their children and help their children to be self-determined about AT.  The Assistive Technology Solutions Fact Sheet is a visual guide to AT and a great resource to share with families!  Check it out and share it with families….it’s new!

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Virtual TechKnowledgy is Back!

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 11.38.23 PMMark your calendar for the 3rd Annual Virtual TechKnowledgy Conference, November 11-15, 2013.  Each day this week, live conference events will be scheduled beginning with an opening keynote on Monday, November 11, featuring Penny Reed, an internationally recognized assistive technology expert.  Registration is required for daily webinars highlighting a variety of AT topics.  New Virtual Exhibit Halls will be open the entire week!  REGISTRATION IS FREE!  Certificates of Participation for licensure renewal will be available following completion of each event.  Visit for conference updates and registration information.


Pictello app now supports video

Pictello is a simple way to create visual stories and talking books on an ipad, iphone or ipod touch.  Teachers have been using this app to create social stories, schedules and story books for the last several years.  Pictello now allows the use of short videos in addition to using words and photos.  This make this app much more versatile for our students.  Check it out!


Dad Hacks Wheelchair to let his 2 Year Old Explore the World

Check out this article about a very determined Dad who rebuilt a wheelchair and performed some very creative programming to give his 2 year old son the mobility to explore and learn about his world!


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Step by Step Directions:

MaKey MaKey! Amazing!!

We recently posted about MaKey MaKey, a low cost kit for making computer switches from everyday items (bananas, toys, paper, even pencil led).  Listen to Ynez Peterson, Occupational Therapist from St. Mary’s Home in Norfolk VA, share her perspectives about teaching students in general education about the value of switches and using switches with students with disabilities.  Ynez helped participants at Virginia’s recent Creating Connections to Shining Stars Conference learn about using MaKey MaKey in the AT Playroom.

y peterson

 Ynez Peterson (link to video)

ACE IT in College

In 2010, Virginia Commonwealth University was one of 27 universities across the U.S. to receive funding for a 5-year demonstration grant from the federal US Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education. ACE IT in College is a collaborative effort between the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center and the Partnership for People with Disabilities in the VCU School of Education. ACE-IT in College provides an inclusive, on campus, college experience for young adults with intellectual disabilities. The main outcome of the program is competitive employment in an area of interest for students which is developed through VCU coursework, internships, and employment.

ACE-IT in College is proud to annouce the launch of their website. Please visit the website to meet the ACE-IT in College students, hear from faculty and families, and learn more about this comprehensive program: