Newsela is a chrome app that publishes daily news articles at 5 reading levels from grades 3-12. You can explore a library of high-quality, engaging nonfiction text for your students. Topic areas include war and peace, science, kids, money, law, health, arts, and sports.   Newslela is free.

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4th Annual Virtual TechKnowledgy Conference


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The 4th Annual Virtual TechKnowledgy Conference 2014 kicks off November 5 with a  keynote address by Kelly Fonner, “Broaden Your Students’ Educational Horizons through Assistive Technologies”.  On November 6 & November 7 tune in to hear the sessions “Free Technology Tools for Struggling Readers” and “Free Electronic Books and Software for Struggling Students”.  Registration is free.  Future sessions will be held in February, April and September 2015.

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More AAC News

The CALL Center in Scotland has launched a new website for learning about AAC. Even though the website is from Scotland communication is universal! The website has AAC videos, resources and online modules. Check it out:

There’s an awesome resource for communication games.  The activities are fun and creative and help students learn to use and practice using their AAC.  It’s a free download under the resource tab!

Free Resources for Making Visual Supports

The new school year is upon us. The frantic rush to set up the classroom, make communication boards, visual supports etc. but you don’t have the necessary program or money to purchase your own software. Check out these free resources for creating visual supports fast and free.

Quick Pics from Patick Ecker

Connect Ability, Create Visual Supports for your child, visual engine.


Picto4Me: An app for your computer that you can install to Chrome

Escape the summer heat!

Today’s video is longer, so pour yourself a refreshing cool beverage and watch this webinar from Don Johnston on supporting students with significant disabilities learn become writers.  It features the First Author Writing Software from Don Johnston.

[vimeo 75607425 w=500 h=375] <p><a href=”″>Webinar: “Can Low-Incidence Students Become First-Time Writers? Yes!” (2013 Version)</a> from <a href=””>DonJohnstonInc</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>