Using song lyrics to improve fluency

Music reading

Reading fluency is the ability to read text quickly and accurately with expression and comprehension.  Reading fluently involves a reader’s ability to use multiple skills simultaneously. As a reader reads a text it is important that he/she is able to decode and comprehend  individual words, complete phrases and sentences that he/she encounters. When the reader has to stop at each word and spend time trying to pronounce it or determine its meaning it impacts their overall understanding of what they are reading.

Using song lyrics can help build fluency skills through repeated reading of familiar text that has a rhythm to it. Using song lyrics can be a motivating activity for reluctant readers who are struggling with reading fluency. Incorporating familiar or popular song lyrics can also help provide a confidence boost as they are reading what their peers are reading.

Read on to see how some teachers are using song lyrics to help build fluency skills with their students.

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