Where can you use a QR code?

Using QR codes may seem like something of the past for some but it is an easy way to adapt activities.  QR codes are a wonderful tool that can be used across curriculum areas when preteaching concepts, providing opportunities to review material, build independence in accessing information and increasing student knowledge.  How might you use QR codes? How might QR codes work when setting up stations, creating scavenger hunts, making anchor charts, creating homework or assigning oral presentations?

Having access to a smart phone, tablet or iPad makes it easy to set up activities however you can also use your computer. If you have a computer with a webcam you can use a Google App such as ScanQR to allow your students to scan QR codes. Think about the possibilities of how you might use QR codes with your students.

Here are a few links to get you started:

QR Codes for the Whole Year http://teachjunkie.com

Audio stories for a whole year

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25 Fun Ways to Use QR Codes for Teaching and Learning                                           http://www.emergingedtech.com/2014/12/25-ways-to-use-qr-codes-for-teaching-learning/

qr code math  the cell qr codes  library qr


Create an Interactive Art Show  http://msedtechie.blogspot.com/2013/04/interactive-art-show-w-qr-codes.html

art showinteractive art show