Minecraft, Autcraft and Autism

Some teachers have implemented Minecraft, a game of discovery, construction, and learning, to teach mathematics, physics, history, and reading comprehension. The game is also popular among individuals with autism as it helps to develop creativity, flexibility, and other important thinking skills. Stuart Duncan, who is autistic and also has a son with autism, has shared that the sandbox game Minecraft has proven incredibly beneficial for those on the spectrum. Duncan was however concerned with the games embeded social skills  and how they impacted the players who were were unable to understand some of the social nuances presented. To help make Minecraft a more user-friendly game for individuals with autism, he created Autcraft, an invitation only Minecraft server for people on the spectrum and their families. It is a safe place that works to create a bully free environment while improving social skills, communication and teamwork. For more information on Autcraft and how to join visit the website http://www.autcraft.com/.