Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM-VA)

Accessible Instructional Materials -VA (AIM-VA) has a brand new website. Check out the beautiful graphics and new sections that address information needed by students, parents, and teachers.  Please share the link to this website with others, so ALL students who need accessible instructional materials will get them.

Some wonder….. are accessible instructional materials considered AT? Here’s  a quote from  the National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials.

What does AT have to do with AIM?

Assistive technology (AT) and accessible instructional materials (AIM) are closely linked. IDEA references access to printed instructional materials that can be converted into the specialized formats of braille, large print, audio, or digital text.Other than embossed braille and hard copy large print, specialized formats require technology to deliver the content to the student. When a student served under IDEA needs technology for access to the content and the curriculum, the technology meets the definition of AT.