iPad Mount

You can always count on RJ Cooper to come up with some configuration to make the latest technology accessible to those who use a wheelchair. He’s already figured out how to mount the iPad onto a flexible arm mounted on a wheelchair for users to easily position for touch screen access. He doesn’t waste any time! He also has a stand to set the iPad on an angle on a table top. Check him out!

Spreading the word about universal design for learning

Last Wednesday, May 19, 2010, an important briefing on universal design for learning (UDL) was held for congressional members of the Obama administration on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Members of the National UDL Task Force and Dr. David Rose from the Center for Applied Special Technology were on hand to share and educate. For more information visit the following address at http://www.udlcenter.org/advocacy/toolkit_policy

What’s an “eyelighter”?

It’s a masking device that highlights text while you read it. Just a little piece of plastic in a bright color with a transparent, but beveled, edge that anyone can use to help focus on reading and support tracking.
(Click here to see one: http://www.learning-loft.com/ and look for “eyelighter”.) Want to use one on a paper-and-pencil standardized test? Just write or check “Use of masking device” as the accommodation.

Reflection on the iPad

This blogger offers a balanced perspective of the iPad that is worth reading, as we all consider the latest in technology. As we all know, not all technology will work for all individuals. It’s just that everyone wants to have the latest and greatest, which leads consumers to be frustrated with developers when it doesn’t have all of the features we want.

Portable USB applications…revisited…with Mac and Linux, too?

OK, I’m going to share this despite the fact that we have shared this before…because I want to!
The “go-to” spot is still http://www.rsc-ne-scotland.ac.uk/eduapps/accessapps.php.
Watch the tutorial video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2XPM9U6GxQ
But…also look here: http://www.pendriveapps.com/. They state that most of “these free portable applications are designed to run from Windows. We are expanding our online catalog to include portable apps that can be run from Mac and eventually Linux platforms as well.” Stay tuned!

Big Deal Book of Technology gets Social ☺

I have shared with you in previous posts a wonderful monthly resource for educational grants and resources to make teaching more fun and exciting, The Big Deal Book. Now they have started a new online community to share the latest in technology and participants can offer feedback and suggestions. This is a great opportunity for social networking with teachers around the globe. Check it out!