Amazing ring that will read text

Researchers at MIT have done it again.  View this on-line article about a ring that they are developing which will perform OCR and Text to Speech as an individual moves his finger across the text. ( Can’t wait for it to be produced.  It will be life changing for many.

Free Screen Access Speech Program for Students with Vision Impairments

Recently GW Micro and Microsoft formed a partnership where individuals with a version of Office 2010 or newer could download a FREE copy of Window Eyes, a screen access speech program made by GW Micro.

Did I just say FREE???  Not only is this a great opportunity for students, families, and schools to access a FREE screen access program, it can also smooth the way for transitioning with AT into college and work environments.  Check out the Window Eyes website to learn more about this announcement and the program…..

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AAC Ferret

With over 300 AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) apps available, finding the right one for your needs can be very difficult and time-consuming. With AAC apps ranking among some of the most expensive apps available, it is also costly to make mistakes! The AAC Ferret helps you to quickly find the AAC app(s) with the exact features you need!  This app was developed by the wonderful team at Spectronics in Australia.  Here’s an introductory webinar from the Spectronics team explaining the app.

More Adapted Books and Free Stuff

We just love quality free educational materials!  Since, teachers love to share and summer is coming up, maybe you can find a little time to search, download and print some new resources for next year.  Visit the Chapel Hill Snippets blog for interesting blog posts and free materials,

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Free Visual Supports for Early Childhood

We all love free stuff, especially downloadable pictures for making visual supports.  The Head Start Center for Inclusion, University of Washington, offers a nice collection of visual supports for transitioning, performing daily activities, assisting with behaviors, social skills, and other routines in early childhood.  Check it out!

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iPad Apps for Learners with Reading and Writing Difficulties

Many iPad apps are available to support learners with reading and writing difficulties.  The Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning (CALL) Center in Scotland recently completed a wheel of apps that support students with reading and writing difficulties. This Wheel of Apps is not comprehensive but attempts to identify relevant, useful apps and to categorize them based upon challenges students might have.  The wheel includes links to each app, although it links to the iTunes UK store, useful information about the app can be obtained.

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